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Open a Real Estate Agency in Ireland

Open a Real Estate Agency in Ireland

company set up as a real estate agency acts as an intermediary between the buyers interested in purchasing a property in Ireland and other entities (such as natural persons or legal entities), interested in selling or renting real estate properties. Such companies can provide their services to local or foreign persons who need to relocate in Ireland. Businessmen interested in setting up a real estate agency will incorporate the company in accordance with the registration procedure available for other types of businesses. Our team of Ireland company formation representativescan offer an in-depth presentation on the requirements available for this business field. 

Register an Irish real estate company 

In order to register a real estate agency, the investor will have to choose a legal entity under which the company will carry its specific operations. Foreign investors have numerous options in this sense, as the Companies Act 2014 restructured the legal statute of businesses set up here, providing a more flexible system. However, most of the businessmen in Ireland prefer to register the business as a private limited liability company.

The registration procedure is performed at the Companies Registration Office (CRO), the main institution which handles many aspects of the company formation process in Ireland.

More details on the registration procedure related to the real estate agency in Ireland are available below: 

It is important to know that the business name of the company should be unique on the Irish territory and which should respect several conditions imposed by the CRO

Because the business is set up for commercial purposes, the investor will then have to register with the relevant authorities for taxation purposes and social contributions; our team of Ireland company formation agents can offer assistance in this process. 

Real estate services in Ireland  

Real estate agencies set up in Ireland can offer two main types of services, for commercial properties and for residential properties

Commercial properties are usually bought or leased by local or foreign companies, while the residential real estate is available only for natural persons seeking for an apartment or a house to live in. 

Businessmen interested in opening a real estate agency in Ireland can address to our team of Ireland company formation consultants for more details on this matter.