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Open a SPV Company in Ireland

Open a SPV Company in Ireland

Foreign investors interested in the business environment available in Ireland can open a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in this country, which provides one of the most solid financial markets in the European Union (EU). Moreover, those who are particularly interested in setting up a SPV company must know that Ireland is a top destination in this sense, as most foreign businessmen choose this country to establish this type of vehicle. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can provide assistance for the incorporation of a SPV, which is registered for financial transactions that also include securitization

Register an Irish SPV  

Those who are interested in company formation in Ireland can set up a SPV following a certain registration procedure, which is different than the one available for commercial companies

Irish SPVs can be registered in Ireland to provide real estate investment services. They can be set up as subsidiaries of foreign companies or for the protection of various foreign assets

In order to set up a SPV, the investors are required to register the company under one of the legal entities available in Ireland. However, it is important to know that most of the businessmen prefer to incorporate a limited liability company

This part of the registration process is the same with the one prescribed under the commercial legislation, but the investors are also required to register the company with the Irish Central Bank, which will provide the legal status of a SPV and our team of Irish company formation representatives can provide assistance on the requirements of the procedure. 

Investors may find our more details on the SPV company in Ireland from the video below: 

Taxation of a SPV in Ireland  

One of the main aspects when registering a SPV in Ireland is that the investors should make the proof of the fact that the company manages EUR 10 million in assets. 

The taxation of an Irish SPV is performed in accordance with the provisions of the Section 110 Companies, included in the Irish Taxes Consolidation Act

Such companies fall under a special taxation regime, as long as they respect the requirements for “qualifying company” prescribed by the Qualifying Section 110 Company

Businessmen are invited to contact our company formation agents in Ireland for more details referring to the incorporation of an Irish SPV