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Open a HORECA Company in Ireland

Open a HORECA Company in Ireland

HORECA company in Ireland refers to a type of business that can be set up in the accommodation, restaurant or catering sectors. In order to open a company in Ireland as a HORECA business, the investors will need to obtain special permits and licenses, depending on the activities they will develop in this country. 

More importantly, the premises in which these business operations are carried out have to comply with specific requirements, related to safety and health measures. This is also available for the employees of a HORECA company, especially in the case of those working in restaurants and catering industriesOur team of specialists in Ireland company formation can offer an in-depth presentation on the aspects that have to be considered when registering a legal entity in the HORECA sector

Hospitality sector in Ireland in 2017 

HORECA in Ireland, also known as the hospitality sector, had a total worth of EUR 3 billion in 2017. This sector is comprised of approximately 16,000 companies, divided as follows:

hotels and other types of accommodation units (14%);

restaurants, pubs and bars (41%);

catering providers and other similar entities (45%).

The HORECA sector in Ireland is increasing at a steady rate and this has a positive effect on the local employment market. For example, at the level of 2016, this industry employed a total number of 143,000 persons, marking an increase of 3% compared to 2015; our team of agents can provide information related to the employment regulations applicale to the employees of  HORECA companies

Investors interested in starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland in this industry must know that the local government provides assistance in numerous aspects of the business, including on the professional development of the company’s employees. In this sense, Ireland offers several apprenticeship and traineeship programs.

Requirements for HORECA companies in Ireland – presented by our Ireland company formation agents 

As mentioned above, HORECA companies need to comply with specific safety rules. For example, it is compulsory to have fire and smoke detection devices, as well as alarm devices

The equipment used in the kitchen of a HORECA business should comply with specific requirements and general inspections should be completed to avoid malfunction and other related issues. Depending on the products sold by the respective unit, the investors may need to obtain a license for selling alcohol. At the same time, a music license will be required if the HORECA company will provide live music events

There are also other aspects that have to be taken into consideration when opening a HORECA company and investors are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation consultants for assistance on this subject.