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Withholding Taxes in Ireland

Withholding Taxes in Ireland

Companies registered in Ireland are required to pay a set of withholding taxes, as imposed under the applicable legislation. The withholding taxes are applied on a different taxation scheme in accordance with the residency of the respective companies. Investors who want to open a company in Ireland should know that if the respective business will qualify as a resident company, it will no longer be required to pay a withholding tax on dividendsOur team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer an in-depth presentation on the main regulations available for withholding taxes

Paying withholding taxes in Ireland  

The withholding taxes in Ireland are applicable to resident and non-resident companies, as well as on resident natural persons. The withholding taxes are applicable for the following: 


• interest;

• patents;

• royalties. 

The applicable rate for withholding taxes in Ireland is set up at 20%, the only exception being made for the payment of dividends paid by resident companies, which are exempted from this tax

Foreign investors interested in company formation should know that the exemption is available for recipient Irish resident companies, but also for non-resident companies which qualify under the Patent- Subsidiary Directive, on which our team of Irish company formation agents can offer more details. 

Exemptions from paying the withholding tax in Ireland  

When discussing about the withholding tax on dividends in Ireland, there are several exemptions which can apply, provided that all the requirements are completed by the recipient. 

Investors interested in the procedure of company registration in Ireland must know that they can be exempted from paying the withholding tax on dividends if they are the direct beneficiaries of one of the double taxation treaties signed by the Irish authorities

Thus, non-resident companies which are registered in one of the European Union’s member states, as well as those with which Ireland has signed a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation are entitled to the exemption from the withholding tax on dividends. The regulation is applicable as long as the respective company is not managed by Irish residents

Businessmen interested in finding out more details on the regulations available for other types of Irish withholding taxes are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation consultants.