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Venture Funding in Ireland

Venture Funding in Ireland

One of the ways to raise capital for an Irish business is through venture fundingVenture funding is a special category of financing that is especially addressed to startup businesses; other types of companies, even small companies, can qualify for venture funding in Ireland, as long as the investors consider that the respective businesses have a long-term growth potential. 

Venture funding is generally obtained from investors who are natural persons and who dispose of large sums of money, but the investors can also be various types of legal entities operating in the financial sector, such as financial institutions or investment banks. 

This type financing has become very popular in the last years and it is a very common funding method for companies that have been active on a given market for a short period of time at the moment when they applied for this funding optionour team of consultants in company registration in Ireland can provide in-depth information on the rules of law regarding financing methods in this country. 

What types of companies can qualify for Irish venture funding? 

As presented above, the possibility of raising capital through venture funding is generally addressed to startup businesses, developing their business activities in a wide range of economic sectors. In Irelandventure funding can be obtained from local banking institutions or from European investment banks. 

Irish companies can also rely on Enterprise Ireland, a governmental institution set up with the purpose of assisting the growth of the local businesses. Businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland and who want to benefit from venture funding should know that in the last years, the following types of companies qualified for this financing method: 

  • • companies developing activities related to high technology, such as ICT companies or life sciences;
  • • companies developing software programs (this also includes software for gaming purposes or for virtual reality);
  • • companies manufacturing medical devices or electronic components;
  • • businesses operating in sectors such as fintech, telecommunications or the food and drinks sector;
  • • in Ireland, venture funding is especially developed for businesses operating in the manufacturing sector, ICT or life sciences. 

What is the value of the venture funding market in Ireland? 

The value of the venture funding market in Ireland oscillated over the years, based on the types of projects that looked for financing methods, but also based on the interest of the investors to invest in specific projects. It is necessary to know that, in order to benefit from venture funding in Ireland, companies must prepare a detailed presentation of their project, following a specific structure, which can be detailed by our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland. Businessmen must know the Irish venture funding market is characterized by the following: 

  • • in the first quarter of 2018, Irish companies raised a total of EUR 300 million;
  • • in the last quarter of 2018, the value of the venture funding operations in Ireland stood at EUR 225 million;
  • • in the first quarter of 2019, the value of the venture funding activities stood at EUR 60,8 million; 
  • • the sum of EUR 60,8 million was raised by 11 companies operating in Ireland;
  • • the highest financing was obtained by a company operating in Galway, Ireland (the fundraising stood at $32 million or EUR 28,76 million). 

How can a business obtain financing in Ireland? 

The manner in which an Irish business can benefit from financing in this country varies based on the type of funding it applies for. In the case of venture funding in Ireland, any business must prepare a detailed business plan, which should include information on the company’s structure, the products it will develop (or services), the management team it has and numerous others. 

Since the purpose of the business plan is to provide an insight of the company’s potential to create an attractive product or service, it needs to be done in such a way that the investors will easily understand the potential of the respective business and in this sense, our team of specialists in Irish company formation can provide professional assistance.  

Thus, the company’s representatives must present the advantages of the product, its novelty, the market where it is estimated to be sold and the target group, the manner in which the company will deal with the potential competitors, information on the company’s management team (stressing on the capabilities and the expertise of the team), the operating system of the company (manufacture, delivery, etc.) and others. Businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Ireland for more details on how to apply for venture funding in this country.