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Starting an IT Company in Ireland

Starting an IT Company in Ireland

The IT sector in Ireland

Ireland has become the second largest exporter of IT goods and services in the world during the last years. Among the factors leading to the success of IT companies in Ireland are the educated and skilled labor force and the low corporate tax. Many global information technology companies have also established regional headquarters in Ireland, thus making the country more appealing to other foreign investors. Today, the IT sector brings over 50 billion euros from exports per year to the Irish economy.

For information about the available incentives for foreign investors please contact our specialists in company incorporation in Ireland. 

Code classifications for IT services in Ireland

When incorporating an IT company in Ireland the registrant must also select the economic activity the company will carry out. In order to so, a NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) code is required to filled in the registration form with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. The following NACE codes are required for those undertaking IT business activities in Ireland:

  • – C26 NACE code refers to manufacturing computer, electronic and optical products,
  • – C26 1.1 NACE code refers to the manufacture of electronic computer components,
  • – C26 2.0 NACE code refers to the manufacture of computer and peripheral equipment,
  • – C26 3 NACE code refers to the manufacture of communication equipment,
  • – C26 8 NACE code refers to the manufacture of magnetic and optical media.

For programing activities, the NACE code 6201 regulated the following activities:

  • – business software development,
  • – computer games development,
  • – computer software development,
  • – software system maintenance and support services design,
  • – custom software development.

For a list of all NACE codes regulating IT activities you can ask our Irish representatives in company registration. In case you need assistance in the process of VAT registration in Ireland, our agents can definitely help you.

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Incorporating an IT company in Ireland

Once the NACE code is selected, the registrant must submit the following information with the Trade Register in Ireland:

  • – the nature of the activity to be undertaken with the appropriate NACE code,
  • – the place where the activity will be carried out or the registered address,
  • – a declaration signed by a director or a secretary of the Irish company.

The declaration must be made according to the Statutory Declarations Act and must be signed in front of a public notary.

For company incorporation services you can rely on our Irish consultants in company registration.