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Start an Advertising and Marketing Company in Ireland

Start an Advertising and Marketing Company in Ireland

What is situation of the advertising sector in Ireland for 2018? 

In 2018, the advertising sector in Ireland is expected to grow to a total value of EUR 1,074 billion, marking an increase in expenditure of 6,7%. Investors who are considering to start the procedure of company formation in Ireland for an advertising and marketing business should know that this market benefits from a solid development, as in terms of investments, this will be the sixth consecutive year of growthOur team of experts in Ireland company formation matters can advise businessmen on how to start an advertising and marketing business in one of the Irish regions

What are the characteristics of the Irish advertising agencies?  

The country’s profile in terms of advertising agencies is mostly represented by small legal entities, which hire less than 50 employees. More importantly, this market is represented by young professionals, with an age below 30 years. According to the data offered by the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), approximately 45% of all the employees hired in advertising agencies are younger than 30 years old

What are the main activities developed by Irish advertising and marketing companies?  

Investors who want to open a company in Ireland in the advertising and marketing sector should know that the country provides all types of advertising services that are usually encountered in other European countries. However, the most representative activities are the following:

  • direct mailing, which is comprised of marketing materials, such as brochures, catalogs or postcards;
  • press – in this case, advertising activities can reach potential clients through magazines and newspapers
  • radio and television – advertising companies create special ad campaigns that are suitable to these means of communication;
  • social media channels – one of the most popular ways of conducting advertising campaigns

 Is there any regulation related to the protection of personal data in Ireland?  

Ireland provides a legal framework related to the manner in which direct marketing can be conducted here. The collection of personal data has to respect several rules, one of them being the fact that the company that will promote various advertising products should receive the person’s consent to receive such information. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer further information on this matter. 

Businessmen are invited to address to our team of experts for consultancy services related to the registration of an advertising and marketing company. Our Ireland company formation agents  can offer advice on the business permits required in this case.