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Start a Textile Manufacturing Business in Ireland

Start a Textile Manufacturing Business in Ireland

Although the total number of companies operating in the textile manufacturing sector has decreased in the last years, this sector still provides numerous business opportunities. Investors interested in starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland in this business field should know that in the last few years, the number of employees operating in textile manufacturing companies increased. The growth rate was observed started with 2013 and our team of specialists in Ireland company formation procedures can advise on the regulations concerning employment in these types of businesses. 

Textile manufacturing sector in Ireland 

In order to sell textiles manufactured in Ireland within the European Union’s market, such products have to comply with specific requirements. For example, such companies need to provide specific labelling information

Investors who want to open an Irish company in the textile manufacturing industry will need to follow the regulations imposed by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

The Irish regulations on the matter aim at protecting future consumers, who may be interested in knowing the fibre content of the respective products. 

Textile labelling in Ireland – a process detailed by our Irish company formation agents

In this sense, a textile manufactured in Ireland should offer the following information on its label

fibre content;

fibre names;


However, it is important to know that it is not necessary to provide a label for each individual product. If, for example, the products are sold in a package, the label should be placed on the respective packaging. Specific requirements are imposed when manufacturing textiles for children, especially on sleepwearOur team of Irish company formation consultants can provide in-depth assistance on the regulations concerningthe manufacturing of textile products. 

At the same time, regardless of the purpose of the textile product, the manufacturer should also offer details on washing or dry cleaning, but this is not imposed under the local law. However, most of the manufacturers choose to offer such details. 

Businessmen who want to set up a textile manufacturing business may contact our representatives for in-depth assistance on the registration procedure