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Start a Business for Selling Textiles in Ireland

Start a Business for Selling Textiles in Ireland

What is the current situation of the textile sector in Ireland?

The textile industry in Ireland has always been a relevant player for the local economy. As a general rule, the 1950s are seen as the golden years of this sector which, in recent decades was afected by the global trends and large international corporations selling textiles at a global level. However, the local authorities have recently created an environment that can increase the market share of the textile sector in Ireland

In this sense, Limerick stands out as an attractive business destination as, in 2015, the local authorities established the Fashion Incubator Ldt., which has as a main purpose the training of fashion students and the development of the employment in this sector. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer more details on the business environment available in this sector. 

The following video offers a short presentation on how to start a business in the textiles sector in Ireland:

Trademark registration in Ireland should also be part of the business incorporation procedure and our agents can help you.

What are the main requirements imposed to investors selling textiles in Ireland? 

Textiles and textile products have to respect a set of criteria as requested by the national legislation of Ireland, as well as the one applicable at the level of the European Union. When selling textiles in Ireland, the textile products should respect the following requirements related to their composition:

  • • a product which has the label of “100%” or “pure” has to be created from a single textile fibre;
  • • when applying a label of “virgin wool” or “fleece wool”, the respective product should be composed only of wool fibre that has not been subjected to spinning;
  • • if a company sells a product which is composed of multiple fibres , it should have on its label the percentage and names of the materials used in its composition;
  • • if a product incorporates a non-textile fabric of animal origin, this should be indicated on the label

In addition to these requirements, businessmen should analyze carefully each type of company available for registration in Ireland and choose the most suitable one for their business needs. The process of Ireland company formation implies several steps and investors are advised to ask for specialized help from our experienced team.

Requirements for export of textile products from Ireland – presented by our Ireland company formation consultants  

Investors who want to start a company in Ireland in the textile sector may also export the products to various countries. If this business activity will be selected when starting a business here, several requirements will be imposed and our team of Irish company formation consultants can assist on these matters. For example, it will be necessary to comply with the labelling of the textile composition as well as with language requirements for these labels when exporting textile products to specific countries. 

Investors are invited to contact our team of Ireland company formation specialists for in-depth advice on this matter. Our representatives can also assist in choosing a suitable business form that can be employed when starting a textile business in this country and can advise on the business permits available for this sector.