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Start a Bookstore in Ireland

Start a Bookstore in Ireland

Foreign businessmen may set up a bookstore in Ireland, a type of business activity which can offer numerous opportunities, as the field is rather developed in this country. Investors interested in opening a company in Ireland must know that in the last years, the book industry provided positive financial results. For example, at the end of 2015, the bookstores and publishing houses increased their financial results by 10,8% in value compared to the situation of the previous year. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer more details on how to start a bookstore

Register an Irish bookstore 

bookstore refers to a physical place of selling books and magazines, as a general rule. However, in the last decade, companies selling books and related products can also set up their operations in the online environment, by opening a website that can act as a shop. 

In the case of a traditional bookstore, one of the most important aspects refers to the place in which the company carries its activities, which should be set up in a location favourable for this activity (generally, the center of a city or crowded areas). 

Regardless of the manner in which the business carries its activities, the investors will need to start the procedure of company registration in Ireland following the standard procedure applicable to commercial companies. The first step in this sense is to register with the Companies Registration Office

Our team of local agents can offer assistance on other compulsory procedures, such as the registration for tax purposes. 

Bookselling industry in Ireland –  presented by our Irish company formation agents 

Investors interested in starting a bookstore can benefit from certain advantages. For example, the bookstore can obtain a tax exemption applicable to the value added tax

At the moment, there are more than 200 bookstores in Ireland, employing more than 2,000 persons. It is important to know that Ireland promotes the registration of bookstores on the main streets of the country’s cities or in the centers of the towns. 

Those who need further information on the registration of a bookstore are invited to address to our team of Iriah company formation consultants