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Relocate Your UK Company to Ireland After Brexit

Relocate Your UK Company to Ireland After Brexit

While the UK decided to exit the European Union, an action that was recently concluded, the Republic of Ireland which remained an EU state was put in a difficult position because of its common border with the UK and Northern Ireland. However, the two countries cannot simply cut any relations, which is why agreements have been set in place in order to ease the transition of goods from one to the other.

With all mechanisms in place, doing business in both countries imply higher costs for British and Irish companies which is why many UK company owners find that relocating their operations is a suitable way of reducing these costs.

If you want to relocate your UK business to Ireland after Brexit, our local specialists are at your service for guidance and assistance during the entire procedure.

The relations between Ireland and the UK after Brexit

The fact that the two countries have a common border have made trading operations difficult for UK companies that need to distribute goods to the EU, but also for Irish companies that need to pass through the UK in order to have access to other countries.

When considering that the UK is currently the 6th largest economy in the world, it was imperious for the country and the EU to reach an agreement, which in terms of trading is the EU Free Trade agreement. Moreover, there is also the Common Transit Convention post-Brexit, however, business relocation is a good idea for those who want to keep separate operations for the British and the EU markets.

Relocating a UK company after Brexit has multiple advantages that can be explained by our Irish company formation specialists.

Options for UK companies seeking to establish operations in the EU

There are several options for those interested in relocating their UK companies to Ireland after Brexit, among which:

  1. the creation of a subsidiary company in which the UK company has full or partial ownership,
  2. the establishment of an Irish branch office which will operate as a satellite company of the UK business,
  3. the opening of an Irish holding company is also a choice for British companies,
  4. the registration of an Irish company and transferring the assets and the operations of the British business is also an option.

Out of all these, the creation of a stand-alone company is often the choice of those who trade exclusively in the European Union.

If you need assistance is choosing between the four possibilities presented above, you can discuss them with our company registration representatives in Ireland.

What does it imply to relocate a UK business to Ireland?

The procedure of relocating a UK company to Ireland after Brexit can imply maintaining the British company active in its home country and incorporating a new one in Ireland, or when seeking to move the operations completely to de-register the UK company and registering a new entity in Ireland.

No matter the option, the private limited liability company in Ireland is one of the most suitable options no matter the activities to undertake. For this purpose, our agents are the service of UK business owners who need help in setting up their operations as soon as possible.

Registering a new business in Ireland

Company relocation implies in all situations the registration of a legal business form in Ireland, situation with which many UK entrepreneurs might be familiar. However, after Brexit, several new aspects need to be considered:

  • – the Irish company will need to have a registered address in the city it will operate,
  • – the business licenses will need to be obtained with the Irish authorities,
  • – if the new company will have a local director, he or she will need to obtain an Irish residence permit.

Also, upon the termination of a UK business with the purpose of transferring the activities to Ireland entirely, the British company must be de-registered in the UK before incorporating the new legal entity.

If you plan to open a company in Ireland, our officers are at your disposal with business registration services.

Why relocate a UK company to Ireland after Brexit

Apart from the special relation with the European Union, Ireland offers additional benefits for those seeking to relocate their British companies here after Brexit, and among these:

  • – it has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe of 12.5%,
  • – tax credits that start at 25% for research and development activities are available,
  • – Ireland has a VAT registration threshold of 37,500 euros for the supply of goods,
  • – the VAT registration threshold for the supply of services is 75,000 euros.

For assistance in relocating a UK company to Ireland after Brexit, please contact our local advisors.