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Relocate a Company to Ireland

Relocate a Company to Ireland

company owner can decide to relocate his or her business from the country where the legal entity is registered due to a set of reasons. One of the countries where investors can relocate their companies in is Ireland, which offers a competitive market for a wide range of business activities. Businessmen interested in Irish company formation may relocate a legal entity in this country for tax purposes or for  the incentives available for specific industries. Our team of specialists in Ireland company formation can offer in-depth assistance on the legal procedures, depending on the country in which the respective entity is a tax resident. 

Reasons to relocate a company  

Numerous companies operating in other jurisdictions have taken the decision to relocate to another country, which offered a more competitive environment. One of the main reasons for relocating a bussiness refers to the costs associated with operating the company’s business activities in the country of origin. Another problem refers to the quality of life and the consumer market in the respective country, which do not offer a suitable framework for developing a specific business activity. Thus, relocation can ensure better economic prospects

The video created by our Ireland company formation consultants offers a short presentation on the manner in which a foreign company can relocate to Ireland:

In order to relocate a company in Ireland, it is necessary to deregister from the local institutions where the legal entity performed its activities and to re-register in the new jurisdiction (Ireland, in this case). 

The procedure of company registration in Ireland is straightforward, being one of the top countries for doing businesses, as presented by reputable international organizations. Our team of agents in company incorporation can advise investors on this matter, including on the visa requirements that might be imposed to specific nationalities. 

Why relocate a business in Ireland?   

Ireland is one of the most competitive jurisdictions at a European level, providing an attractive corporate taxation system. Numerous international companies have set their operations here, as the corporate tax is imposed at one of the lowest levels in the European Union’s countries (12,5%). 

Investors interested in opening a company in Ireland can also benefit from the talented workforce available on this market, as well as from local support for business purposes. Companies in Ireland can obtain numerous grants and funds from Enterprise Ireland, the main institution which handles foreign direct investments in this country. 

Investors can find our further information on this subject from our agents and, prior to starting this procedure, it is advisable to contact our team of consultants in Ireland company formation, who can analyze the particularities of the respective company.  In case you are interested in relocating your company to another country, for example in Spain or in Portugal, you can find here more details about the entrepreneur visa in Spain. We can also put you in contact with our partner immigration law firm in Portugal