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Real Estate Due Diligence in Ireland

Real Estate Due Diligence in Ireland

Real estate due diligence when buying a property in Ireland

Besides from the significant impact on the buyers’ financial resources, purchasing real estate property may also raise questions about the transaction or the security of the building, which is why real estate due diligence is a common practice nowadays. The commercial real estate sector has grown considerably during the last years based on the large number of foreign companies moving their operational centers in Ireland which is why the verification of a property has also become very popular.  No matter if a property is bought for residential or commercial purpose, a thorough real estate due diligence will be able to determine the risk of any acquisition.

Good real estate due diligence carried out by specialists in Ireland will help the future owner to identify and assess the risks of the transaction. A good real estate due diligence process will take into consideration all the aspects of the transaction depending on whether the property is bought for commercial purposes by Irish companies or for residential purposes.

Real estate due diligence procedures in Ireland

Irish companies interested in purchasing real estate may request a full verification of the property about to buy. Commercial real estate due diligence in Ireland includes the verification of the property title, but also the verification of planning and development permissions. Relevant information for a complete and accurate real estate due diligence procedure may be obtained with:

  • – the Irish Land Registry,
  • – the Sherriff’s Office,
  • – the Irish Companies Registrar in case of commercial real estate.

The buyer may also hire architects to verify the structure of the building and planning compliance. A complete real estate due diligence should also reveal if any other party has an interest in the property and if the property comes with any encumbrances, such as mortgages or outstanding bills.

Real estate due diligence services in Ireland

Our specialists in company registration in Ireland will provide the following services interested in purchasing real estate:

  • – legal real estate due diligence,
  • – details about real estate market prices,
  • – tax minimization solutions for investing in real estate,
  • – advice in how to negotiate the property price.

For complete information about real estate procedures, please contact our experts in Ireland.