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Purchase a Company in Ireland

Purchase a Company in Ireland

How to purchase an Irish company?

Foreign entrepreneurs coming to Ireland can choose how to start a business here. The most common is to open a new company, but they can also buy a shelf company. Foreign larger companies, on the other hand, can expand their operations by merging with or acquiring an Irish company. The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in Ireland has expanded during the last few years as a result of the raising number of small enterprises. The legislation is also favorable to those buying an Irish company. The main laws on mergers and acquisitions in Ireland are:

  • –          the Takeover Law;
  • –          the Substantial Acquisition Law;
  • –          the EC Takeover Regulations, also known as the Takeover Bids Regulations which apply at European level.

For more information on the mergers and acquisitions legislation in Ireland you can refer to our specialists. If you wish to find out faster how to buy a company in Ireland, please watch this concise video created by our Irish company formation consultants:

Types of company acquisitions in Ireland

The M&A regulations allow for two ways of purchasing an Irish company:

  • –          by making a public offer to buy the securities of an Irish company;
  • –          by making an arrangement scheme to take over the shares in a company.

The arrangement scheme must be done under the provisions of the new Irish Companies Law.

In order to acquire a company in Ireland, the buyer must provide the seller with the following documents:

  • –          the offer;
  • –          a circular for the shareholders;
  • –          a revised offer, if the buyer reconsiders their offer.

The offer must be drafted in accordance with the specifications of the M&A laws and of the Commercial Code. Our specialists in company formation in Ireland can provide you with more information about the documents one must prepare in order to buy a company.

What are the steps to buy a company in Ireland?

The main steps to follow when purchasing an Irish company are:

  • –          the due diligence procedures;
  • –          making the necessary arrangements with the Irish company’s shareholders;
  • –          submitting the offer;
  • –          making the offer public;
  • –          consulting the employees;
  • –          concluding the transaction.

Other additional steps could be required depending on the type of company one is about to purchase. However, once the transaction is concluded, the buyer must also buy the minority shareholding rights.

If you want to purchase an Irish company and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our local consultants in company registration.