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Opening a Trading Company in Ireland

Opening a Trading Company in Ireland

Trading companies in Ireland

Ireland attracts a great number of foreign investors every year due to the advantageous conditions of doing business here. Among the most developed industries is also the trading sector who provides numerous investment opportunities. The number of Irish trading companies has also risen in the past years. Starting a trading company in Ireland is quite easy if one knows all the legal requirements to be fulfilled. Our Irish experts in company registration can help you set up a trading company.

The Casual Trading Act in Ireland

Foreign enterprisers setting up a trading business in Ireland must first respect the conditions imposed by the Company Law with respect to the type of company, shareholding and registration requirements and secondly the conditions imposed by the Casual Trading Act for selling their products. The Irish Casual Trading Act was enabled in 1995 and establishes the conditions under which a company can sell their products and how to apply for a trading license.

There are three types of trading licenses one can apply for in Ireland:

  • –          the general causal trading license;
  • –          the annual casual trading license;
  • –          the event casual trading license.

These licenses can be obtained with the local City Council the trading company will operate in.

Documents required to obtain a trading license in Ireland

Companies or sole traders applying for a casual trading license must submit the following documents:

  • –          a prescribed application form;
  • –          evidence of payment of the public liability insurance cover;
  • –          two passport-sized photographs of the applicant;
  • –          a letter to the local City Council;
  • –          the tax reference number in the case of companies, or the PPS number in the case of sole traders.

Trading companies selling food products are also required to obtain a special license with the Health Board. A copy after the license must be filed with the application for the causal trading license. Additionally, the applicant must also pay the fee for obtaining the license.

If you need assistance with the registration procedure for a trading company, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Ireland. We can also help you with the application for the casual trading license.