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Opening a Publishing Company in Ireland

Opening a Publishing Company in Ireland

The media industry in Ireland

Ireland’s Constitution guarantees the freedom of press since 1937. Journalists can report freely, all their rights being respected in Ireland. The printing press in Ireland is strong and competitive being dominated by privately owned newspapers. Also, most of Irish citizens encourage printed press, as newspapers and magazines are still sought compared to other European countries in which the online press has taken control over the written one. Ireland also has a strong legislation which supports the written press.

For details about the company formation procedure in Ireland of a publishing business, please watch the video below:

The Irish legislation for the protection of the written press

The Government encourages local and foreign investors to open publishing companies in Ireland by enforcing a comprehensive legislation. Also, most of the legislation for the protection of the printed press has been amended. Among the laws governing the protection of the publishing industry in Ireland are:

  • – the Defamation Act amended in 2009,
  • – the Copyright Law amended in 2012,
  • – the Freedom of Information Act amended in 2003,
  • – the Broadcasting Act of 2009 which enabled the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Also, the Press Council of Ireland was established in 2008 with the main role of safeguarding and promoting professional and ethical standards in the written press.

Our specialists in company formation in Ireland may provide you all required information about the legislation regarding the protection of the publishing industry.

Setting up a company in Ireland is one of the most steps you could take if you have moved here. The procedure is fairly simple and can be completed in just a few days. We can be your guide through the incorporation process and we can also help you apply for the necessary licenses to have your business running in no time.

How to set up a publishing company in Ireland

Foreign investors looking to start a business in Ireland as a  publishing company  will be very interested to find out the incorporation procedure is quite simple. Once all the relevant documents are drafted and submitted with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland, the founder must select the appropriate NACE code from the Nomenclature of Activities in order to determine the type of activity the company will operate. The NACE codes for publishing and printing can be found in Section D, subsection DE in the Nomenclature as it follows:

  • – 22.11 for publishing books,
  • – 22.12 for publishing newspapers,
  • – 22.13 for publishing journals and periodicals,
  • – 22.15 for other publishing,
  • – 22.2 for printing and service activities related to printing
  • – 22.21 for printing newspapers,
  • – 22.3 for reproducing recorded media,
  • – 22.22 for reproducing computer media.

Our Irish consultants in company incorporation may draft the Articles of Association for your company and may guide you through the registration procedure. For details about prices please contact us.