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Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Ireland

Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Ireland

Ireland offers a wide category of daycare centers for children that are created for specific types of services. Regardless of the type of services that will be offered by a daycare center business, investors who want to open a company in Ireland in this sector are required to comply with a variety of regulations and to obtain special business licenses and permits. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer legal assistance on the rules of law that are applicable to this type of business. 

What are the main types of daycare center services in Ireland? 

In Ireland, daycare centers for children are available as either community based services (non-profit entities) or as private services providers, represented by companies set up by individuals who want to operate in this sector. The system available in Ireland is composed of the following types of daycare services for children:

  • full day care services – offered to babies, toddlers, pre-school and teenagers of up to 13-14 years old, who can be opened for more than 5 hours a day, but typically these companies can operate between 7  a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • part-time daycare services –  these companies provide their services for 3,5 – 5 hours a day;
  • seasonal services – generally available for pre-school children who spend at the daycare center less than 3,5 hours a day during a specific time of the year; 
  • childcare services for school age children – they offer their services to children in the hours before/after attending school, when the parents can’t take care of them and these centers usually provide catering services as well. 

No matter the type of daycare services for children you choose to offer, our team of Ireland company formation experts will make sure that your business starts properly, by helping you choose the right type of company, by handling the entire company registration process and by helping you comply with the taxation system in Ireland.

Register an Irish daycare center 

Our team of Irish company formation specialists can advise businessmen on the main business forms usually employed for this type of company, which is generally set up as sole trader, partnership or limited liability company. As a general rule, the income of the company is obtained from the fees the parents will pay for these private services, but private companies can also benefit from various government funding in certain conditions. 

These businesses have to comply with the requirements imposed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, which implements the main rules of law available for this sector – Childcare Act 1991 and the Childcare Regulations 2006. Investors are invited to address to our team of consultants in company formation in Ireland for more details regarding this subject.