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Opening a Consulting Business in Ireland

Opening a Consulting Business in Ireland

Offering consultancy services in Ireland

Ireland has become a very attractive country for foreign investors during the last years because of the numerous subsidies the Government issues and because of the low corporate tax which is very advantageous if setting up a company here. The increased number of foreign companies seeking to open branch offices or subsidiaries in Ireland has led to the creation of many business consulting companies, as well. The consultancy sector has emerged in the last few years also because of the grants offered by the Government.

If you want to open a company in Ireland you can request the services of our specialists. We will give you all the necessary information for establishing a consulting business in Ireland.

You can also find out details about the process of setting up a consulting business in Ireland by watching our concise video: 

Opening a consultancy company in Ireland                

Foreign and Irish citizens can start a consulting business by registering a company or by registering as sole traders. Also, depending on the activity they want to provide consultancy in, there are several governmental agencies they can register with, and thus become accredited consultants.

The first step to open a consultancy business is register a company with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. Our Irish experts in company formation can help you with the registration procedure. The second step will be to obtain the license to work as a consultant. The license can be obtained with the Institute of Management Consultants in Ireland.

Become a certified consultant in Ireland

The Institute of Management Consultants in Ireland has three levels of expertise individuals can adhere to:

  • –          associate member,
  • –          a certified management consultant,
  • –          a certified management consultant fellow.

In order to become a consultant one must have the necessary qualifications, including a diploma, and to work in IrelandCertified management consultants benefit from international recognition and the certification can only be obtained on competence, ethics and independence criteria. In order to become a certified management consultant fellow, an individual must have worked as a consultant for at least five years.

In order to open a consultancy business in Ireland, one can also hire certified consultants who have the necessary competences.

For more information about setting up a consultancy business you can contact our agents in company registration in Ireland.