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Open Irish Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Open Irish Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Transport equipment in Ireland can refer a to a wide variety of products, used in numerous economic sectors. Since such equipment needs continuous maintenance, as prescribed by the local legislation, it can be an attractive idea to open a company in Ireland as business that provides repair services for transport equipment. In this case, it will be necessary to hire employees who have a technical background and who are specialized in delivering services for specific types of transport equipmentOur team of specialists in company formation in Ireland may offer in-depth assistance to those who want to start this type of activity in this country. 

What is transport equipment in Ireland? 

Transport equipment refers to a wide category of machinery that is used for various means of transportation. Thus, a company providing repair services for this type of equipment may operate in one of the following:

aircraft transportation;

railroad transportation;

motor vehicles equipment;

motorcycle transportation;

bicycles parts;

ship transportation

Register a company for repairing transport equipment in Ireland 

Businessmen starting the procedure of company registration in Ireland will need to choose the specific company’s operations, under the European Industrial Activity Classification (NACE). The NACE codes were revised by the European Commission (EC), which introduced new categories of activities under the NACE Rev. 2. By selecting specific NACE code, the investors will establish the main types of activities that the company may operate in this country. Our team of Ireland company formation specialists may offer further assistance on the Irish NACE codes

In the case of companies offering repair services, the available NACE code is NACE Rev 2 – 3312 – Repair of Machinery

The NACE 3312 is comprised of a large category of repair services, which are not related to transport equipment (such as the repair of accouting machinery or of photocopy machines). 

However, the NACE codes includes numerous repair activities for transportation equipment, such as: 

repair of agricultural tractors;

repair of escalators;

repair of elevators or moving walkways;

• repair of marine engines;

repair of railway engines;

repair of ships and boat engines

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of Ireland company formation consultants for more information on the registration steps that have to be concluded in this case. Our agents can also assist on the taxation system applicable to this type of business activity.