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Open an Irish Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

Open an Irish Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

Small businesses selling coffee, tea and spices have increased in popularity across Europe. Consumers have become more and more interested in high quality products, raising the sophistication of the products that are available on the European markets. This is also applicable in Ireland, where the local consumers are interested in purchasing premium products

Businessmen interested in Irish company formation for a business that sells coffee, tea and spices will generally have to import these products into the country, as they are not grown on the Irish territory. In this sense, our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can advise on the main import regulations applicable to these types of products. 

The main preferences of the Irish consumers on coffee, tea and spices – presented by our Ireland company formation agents

When starting a company in Ireland that sells coffee, tea and spices it is necessary to know the main characteristics of the local consumer market. As a general rule, it is important to know that Irish citizens prefer drinking coffee and various types of teas (especially the types imported from Asian countries). Some of the most relevant characteristics are the following: 

  • • more than 75% of the Irish citizens have a habit of drinking coffee;
  • young persons in Ireland (16-35 years old) are interested in drinking traditional coffee
  • • persons with age above 65 are the main target group for selling tea in Ireland;
  • • the most preferred types of teas are represented by green and black tea
  • • the most relevant regions for tea import in Ireland are East Africa and North India;
  • • the Irish market offers a wide range of spices, such as saffron, juniper, vanilla and cinnamon sticks

A coffee shop is also recommended to register its trading name as an Irish trademark.

Why start a coffee shop in Ireland? 

One of the most successful ways to start the procedure of company registration in Ireland refers to opening a coffee shop. This type of business increased in popularity and our team of specialists Ireland company formation can offer advice on the incorporation of a coffee shop, including on the business permits available in this case. 

The Irish citizens prefer drinking cappuccino, americano and latte coffees and the market is expected to grow by 5% in the following years. Dublin is the city that has the highest number of coffee shops, with companies specialized in offering high quality products. Investors are invited to contact our team of agents in company registration in Ireland for more details on the registration of business in this country.