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Open an Event Management Company in Ireland

Open an Event Management Company in Ireland

Foreign investors who want to set up a business in Ireland as an event management company should be able to establish a strong business presence on the Irish market, due to the business domain, which requires significant skills in the field of public relations and marketing. Entrepreneurs interested in the business environment available here can receive consultations on this matter from our team or Irish company formations specialists, who can provide their expertise in the field. 

Register an Irish event management company 

Entrepreneurs interested in setting up a company in Ireland can incorporate an event management company following the standard procedure of the registration process. In order to incorporate a business, any investor is required to register a trading name at the Companies Registration Office, a process which can be completed on the online platform of the institution. The investor can propose up to three trading names, which have to respect several stipulations. 

Our team of Irish company formation agents can offer assistance for the following step of the process, which refers to the drafting of the company’s documents. Companies in Ireland are then required to register with the local authorities, for taxation or social contributions; it is also necessary to open an Irish bank account and establish a business address. 

Limited companies available in Ireland 

Entrepreneurs opening a business in Ireland can choose to incorporate the company under one of the legal entities prescribed by the Irish Companies Act 2014; the Act brought significant changes related to the legal statute of companies established here. 

The most common type of business registered in Ireland is the limited company, due to its limited liability offered to the shareholders, which is limited to the amount of shares owned; at the same time, the company is considered a separate legal entity than the owners. As such, it is advisable that foreign businessmen to register the event management company under this type of legal entity.

The Companies Act 2014 prescribes the following limited liability companies:

• private company limited by shares;

• designated activity company;

• designated activity company limited by guarantee;

• company limited by guarantee;

• public limited company. 

If you need further information on the event management company in Ireland, please contact our Irish company formation representatives  for assistance.