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Open an Amazon Store in Ireland

The online industry developed at a fast pace in the last years in numerous jurisdictions, including in Ireland. The e-commerce sector will further develop in the following years, as more and more people gain access to internet services. Numerous companies, including Amazon stores, have reported solid growth in sales, and 2016 represented one of the best years in this sense, as Amazon registered sales with a value of $ 136 billion.

One of the ways to open a company in Ireland in the online environment is by acting as a third party sellerusing the Amazon’s platform to sell various goods. At the level of 2016, Amazon’s top revenues derived from retail sales of electronics and from third-party sales and our team of specialists in Ireland company formation can provide in-depth advice on how to register an online business performing its activities through the Amazon platform

Selecting a business form an Amazon store in Ireland

Irish citizens or residents who want to sell on Amazon must do that by registering a business form acknowledged by the Company Law. For this purpose, the sole proprietorship and the private limited liability company represent the best options for such a venture as they are simple to create and easy to manage.

The registration of the selected business form will be completed just as when setting up a company in any other industry:

  1. the first step will be to choose a trading name in the case of a limited liability company;
  2. then, the necessary paperwork needs to be submitted with the Trade Register;
  3. the business will also need to have a bank account in which the money from the sales will be transferred;
  4. a VAT and EORI number may also be required in order to complete intra-community sales and/or purchases.

Apart from these, a merchant account through which online payments will be processed is required. On the other hand, the entrepreneur will not need to create his or her own website in order to run an e-commerce business for which more requirements apply.

Setting up an Amazon store in Ireland is a great way of starting a business as it has several advantages. Plus, you can rely on our Irish company formation specialists for assistance in registering the selected business form. We can also advise on other steps that might help you run such a venture.

Steps to complete with Amazon

Once the company is set up, one will need to register with Amazon. This implies a few steps that are easy to complete as they must be done on the user-friendly platform. These are:

  • – selecting the type of account and register for it;
  • – registering the brand with the Amazon Register;
  • – adding the products for sale;
  • – customize the interface of the Amazon store.

Amazon also offers plenty of marketing tools, so the entrepreneur will not need to promote his or her business through other channels unless desired.

There are a few aspects to consider about the Amazon account. First of all, there are two types of accounts: the individual and the professional one.

Individuals accounts are an option for those who rarely sell on Amazon, and fees are applied for every item sold, which is why when seeking to create one’s own business the professional account can be a better option. This implies a monthly fee with unlimited sales.

One of the greatest things about selling on Amazon is that you can sell your own products or resale goods already available on the marketplace. All you need to do it selected the best option and enroll it with your own store.

One of the most recent tools enabled by the platform is the Amazon IP Accelerator through which sellers can have the names of their businesses registered as trademarks in the country they are from, in this case, Ireland.

If you want to open a company in Ireland and need guidance, you can rely on our local officers who are at your disposal with various services, no matter if you want to run a traditional or e-commerce business.

Documents required to set up an Amazon seller account

No matter the type of account one decides for, the same documents will be required, and among these are ID or passport copies of the person creating the account, information about the business (email address and tax identification number), a valid phone number. A bank account with the credit card number attached must also be provided.

Setting up an Amazon store in Ireland has many advantages as the country has one of the best Internet infrastructures in Europe.

According to Irishtimes.com, Amazon increased its sales in 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In numbers:

  • – 3 months before the 2020 Christmas, Amazon sales reached 125.56 billion USD in sales;
  • – for 2021, the platform is expected to increase its sales by 40%;
  • – the number of Irish citizens buying on Amazon also increased, according to the Central Bank;
  • – the company is currently worth an astounding 1.7 trillion USD.

Setting up an Amazon store in Ireland comes with many benefits, and one of the most important is having a business without too much effort. As a matter of fact, all you will need to do is to register a legal vehicle which in Ireland takes no more than a few days.

If you want to start your own e-commerce business in Ireland, setting it up on Amazon can be a real success, as you can use the platform to sell your own products, create your brand and have a global reach if this is what you aim for.

Do not hesitate to ask for our company formation services available in several cities in Ireland and set up your own Amazon business right now! 

The video below offers a short presentation on the manner in which foreign businessmen can set up an Amazon store in Ireland:

Advantages for Amazon stores in Ireland 

When starting the procedure of Irish company formation for an Amazon store, the investors will need to register a business form provided under the Companies Act, the main legal act regulating the activity of commercial entities in this country. Investors have numerous options in this sense, but one of the most common ways to start a business here is by setting up a limited liability company and our team of agents in Ireland company formation can advise on the documents that should be submitted by the investors with the relevant authorities. 

In order to open an Amazon store it is necessary to comply with all regulations that are customarily imposed to all other types of business activities in Ireland, including for tax purposes. In terms of taxationIreland is one of the best locations for setting up a business, as the corporate tax is imposed at one of the lowest rates at the level of the European Union (12,5%).

Requirements for Irish Amazon stores 

Since the Amazon store is registered for performing commercial activities, the customers must have the possibility of making online payments. One of the most common ways to provide payment services is by using PayPal, an online portal that offers the possibility of concluding online payments

Another option for Irish companies operating on the Amazon platform is to establish a merchant account, which acts in the same manner as the PayPal platform. The merchant account accepts both local and international transactions that can be concluded through credit or debit cards.

Investors are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation consultants for in-depth advice on the main information companies should provide when setting up a merchant account for an Amazon store