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Open a Website in Ireland

Open a Website in Ireland

Any business, regardless of its incorporation place, should be represented in the on-line environment, in order to access a wider consumer market; also, owning a website can increase the company’s visibility, which could lead to the development of new partnerships. Investors who own a business in Ireland or who want to establish a new company here are advised to open a website, a simple procedure for which our Irish company formation specialists are prepared to offer you assistance. 

Register a website in Ireland 

The process of registering a website in Ireland is rather simple; the main authority in this field is the Ireland’s Domain Registry (IEDR), while the regulations related to the registration of a website are imposed by the Commission for Communications Regulation

The Irish legislation in this domain stipulates that a website can be registered at any accredited Registrar, approved by IEDR; the list of accredited Registrars can be verified on the IEDR’s website.

The investors who want to open an Irish website should make the proof that they are connected to Ireland through a certain activity; our company formation agents can provide you with further details. 

Below, persons interested in opening a website in Ireland can watch a presentation on the main aspects related to this subject: 

Steps to open an Irish website

According to IEDR, the persons interested in opening a website should verify if the domain is available. After that, the future owner should provide a set of documents, in accordance with the type of legal entity he or she represents. 

As such, IEDR offers a set of regulations, established in accordance with the nature of the website. 

Foreign entrepreneurs should know that they can establish the following types of websites

• company websites;

• personal domain websites;

• websites for registered trademarks;

• club websites;

• websites representing educational institutions;

• charity websites;

• agencies websites. 

Irish websites are easily recognized by the top domain name “.ie”, which is a unique domain attributed to websites established in Ireland

At this moment, there are more than 215,000 websites registered in Ireland; since the beginning of 2016, a number of more than 7.600 new websites were registered at the IEDR

If you need further information on the Irish websites, please contact our Irish company formation consultants, who can provide you with assistance for the registration of a website for your company.