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Open a Pet Store in Ireland

Open a Pet Store in Ireland

Animals in Ireland are protected through numerous legal acts, which should be respected by the owners of pet stores operating in this country. Investors interested in opening a company in Ireland as a pet shop may sell on the local market not only animals (such as dogs and cats – the most popular types of pets), but also foodstuffs and different objects, designed to cater to the needs of the respective animalsOur team of company formation agents in Ireland can offer in-depth advice on how to register a pet store, a type of business that will require certain business licenses. 

Register an Irish pet store  

pet store in Ireland is considered a commercial legal entity operating on the local market. Thus, the company will need to be registered following the regulations of the Companies Act, depending on the business form chosen for incorporation

Investors interested in Irish company formation will have to register the pet shop with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). It is important to know that, under the applicable legislation, investors may register a company with CRO by three different methods, which can be detailed by our team of company formation representatives in Ireland

Regardless of the registration manner, the investors will need to deposit a set of legal documents that may very depeding on the business form of the company

The pet store is also required to register for taxation purposes and to open a corporate bank account. Any company registered in Ireland will also need to follow the regulations prescribed by the Revenue Commissioners in terms of taxation

Legislation for the protection of animals in Ireland  

Since the shop will deal with selling animals, the company will need business permits that will confirm that the company’s activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations. The shop will need to comply with a set of requirements in terms of safety and hygiene and the animals should be kept in specific conditions, in according with their race. 

Investors interested in the procedure of company formation in Ireland will need to follow the animal welfare legislation available here, which is comprised of numerous acts. The owners of a pet shop will need to comply with the regulations of the Part V of the Protection of Animals Act 1965

Businessmen interested in opening an Irish pet shop are invited to contact our team of company registration consultants in Ireland for further information on the main regulations.