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Open a Bakery in Ireland

Open a Bakery in Ireland

Bakeries are small shops that can be met across the Irish territory. They can provide a wide range of baked goods, from various types of bread, to certain types of cookies. It can be a great idea to start the procedure of Irish company formation for a bakery, as these goods are always is high demand.

Also, it is important to know that the sector increased by 1% in 2017 (compared to the previous year), and the growth was mainly driven by healthy bakery goodsOur team of consultants in company formation in Ireland can offer in-depth assistance on the business permits that should be obtained by local bakeries

The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of a bakery in Ireland

What is the current trend of the baked goods sector in Ireland? 

When opening a company in Ireland that is registered as a bakery, the investors should first know the characteristics of the Irish consumer market in order to meet its demand and thus, ensuring that the company will have numerous business prospects. At the level of 2017, the main trends that were observed concerning the purchase of baked goods were the following: 

  • Irish citizens are highly interested in having low carbohydrates diets and thus, it is important to know that they generally avoid refined carbohydrates;
  • • this means that the demand for white bread is decreasing, as well as for other baked goods containing refined carbohydrates;
  • artisanal baked goods were the top preference of the Irish consumers, with a market share of 31%;
  • • although more expensive than other similar products, artisanal baked goods were preferred as they represent freshly baked products, with a higher nutritional value

Morning goods in Ireland 

One of the ways to increase the volumes of the baked goods sold by the Irish bakery is to sell products known as morning goods. They have this name as they are generally purchased in the morning, for the purpose of being a part of the breakfast or bing consumed during the remote, while going to work. They can include a wide range of pastry products, such as croissants, cookies, buns or sandwiches. Our team of specialists in Ireland company formation matters can offer advice on any registration aspects related to this type of business.  

Businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland in this industry should know that they will need licenses attesting that the premises comply with the safety and health standards imposed by the Irish legislation, and we invite you to contact our team of Ireland company formation consultants for in-depth advice regarding this matter.