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Obtaining Visa for Ireland

Obtaining Visa for Ireland

Visa requirements in Ireland

Citizens of UE and EEA (European Economic Area) are not required to apply for a visa when coming to Ireland. For third-countries nationals the rules of the Immigration Act 2014, also known as the Visas Order 2014, apply. The Immigration Act is divided into several Schedules which establish who needs an Irish visa and who does not. These Schedules are:

  • – Schedule One  which contains a list of countries whose citizens only need a valid passport to enter Ireland,
  • – Schedule Two referring to the Diplomatic Passport waiver program which allows UAE and Chinese citizens to enter Ireland without a visa,
  • – Schedule Three referring to the Visa waiver program for citizens allowed to travel through Ireland and the United Kingdom without a visa,
  • – Schedule Four referring to the British Irish Visa Scheme,
  • – Schedule Five referring to transit visas.

Our experts in Ireland will provide you with more information about the Immigration Act 2014.

Types of visas in Ireland

Depending on the purpose of the visit, foreign citizens may apply for different types of Irish visas:

  • – short stay visas,
  • – single/multiple entry visas,
  • – long stay visas,
  • – re-entry visas,
  • – transit visas.

The short stay visas are granted to foreign citizens planning to stay in Ireland no longer than three months, while the long stay visa is granted for longer periods. Short and long stay visas are granted depending on the purpose of the visit. They can be issued for:

  • – business purposes,
  • – employment in Ireland,
  • – for getting married in Ireland,
  • – for studying,
  • – for visiting family.

Our specialists in company registration in Ireland may provide you with further details about obtaining business visas.

How to apply for an Irish visa

All visa applications are handled by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS). Applicants are required to fill in an application form and submit it with the Irish embassy or consulate in their countries. They must make sure they submit the application at least 12 weeks before the planned visit, as it takes several weeks for Irish visas to be issued. The time frame also depends on the type of visa the applicant wants to obtain.

You can contact our Irish agents for details about the visa application procedure.