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How to Open a Print Shop in Ireland

How to Open a Print Shop in Ireland

print shop in Ireland can provide its services and products to both natural persons and business forms. The printing field is included in the printing and packaging industry, an economic sector which contributes to the local economy with more than EUR 2 billion per year. Investors who want to open a company in Ireland operating as a print shop will also need to hire employees with a relevant knowledge in the field. 

In this sense, it is important to know that this sector accounts for 11,000 employees and that the printing companies can become members of the Irish Printing Federation, a representative body which was set up in 1899 to represent the interests of businesses operating in this field. Our team of agents in Ireland company formation matters can offer in-depth assistance on the aspects that should be taken into consideration when setting up a print shop.

Setting up a business strategy for the Irish print shop  

Prior to actually starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland for the chosen legal entity, it is advisable to establish a business strategy that will be followed once the company will start its operations. 

The video below offers a short presentation on the registration of an Irish print shop:

The investors should choose a market in which they want to develop their operations and establish the type of services that will be suitable for their activities. Our team of specialists in Ireland company formation can advise businessmen with further details related to the registration of a print shop

This business activity has a real market potential and print shops can always find various types of clients, as the printing industry is of important help for numerous other economic fields. 

company operating as a print shop can provide numerous printing products, such as:


business cards;


Such services can also be requested for printing on specific materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramics, depending on the requests of the clients. 

Minimum equipment for an Irish print shop  

During the procedure of Irish company formation, the company’s representatives should find a suitable location for their print shop, that will provide sufficient space for the equipment needed in this case. 

print shop should have enough printers to perform the incoming orders (the equipment can vary depending on the specific activities of the company), a suitable softwarecutting equipment and additional equipment useful for performing printing operations

Investors can receive further assistance on the registration of a print store from our representatives. Please contact our team of consultants in company formation in Ireland for consultancy services.