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Ease of Doing Business: Ireland vs Spain

Ease of Doing Business: Ireland vs Spain

Although both Ireland and Spain are members of the European Union (EU), the business environment available in these countries is different. They both have similar regulations referring to the taxation aspects, but they impose different taxes applicable to companies. Investors interested in company formation in Ireland have better taxation conditions here, as the local authorities apply one of the smallest corporate taxes in the EU, imposed at the rate of 12,5%. Our team of Irish company formation experts can provide more details on the ease of doing business in this country. 

Ireland vs. Spain in terms of taxation  

Ireland and Spain have similar taxation conditions, although the taxes imposed by each country can differ in some aspects. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), at the level of 2016, Ireland occupies the 15th rank in terms of ease of doing business, while Spain has a lower position in the ranking, being on the 33rd position. 

More information on the ease of doing business in Ireland vs. Spain is available in this video: 

Businessmen who are interested in Ireland company formation can have better business opportunities in Ireland, due to the fact that the state is granted with the 19th place on matters referring to starting a businessSpain is an attractive business market too, but the conditions offered here place the country on the 79th position. 

Any persons opening a company in Ireland will also have to deal with paying taxes in the country in which the company is registered. In this case, it is important to know that Ireland provides better assistance, occupying the 5th rank for the ease of paying taxes, while Spain has a more complicated system. In the OECD rankingSpain is on the 45th position (measured for 2016). Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can provide more information related to ways in which taxes are paid by foreign investors here. 

Ireland vs. Spain – registering a property 

Some of the investors who want to start a business can purchase a property in Ireland or in Spain. It is important to know that, in this sense, both countries have similar procedures and administrative steps that must be completed. For example, Ireland and Spain have the same number of procedures related to the registration of a property.

Businessmen who need further details on the ease of doing business in Ireland or in Spain are invited to contact our team of Ireland company formation representatives for assistance on this matter.