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Ease of Doing Business: Ireland vs Denmark

Ease of Doing Business: Ireland vs Denmark

Ireland and Denmark are both very competitive economies, providing a high level of regulations related to the business environment. However, the two countries have a set of differences in terms of the ease of doing business. Investors who are interested in company formation should know that Ireland occupies the 10th rank at a global level for starting a business, in a study conducted by the World Bank for 2017. Our team of Irish company formation specialists can provide in-depth information on the main aspects regulating the incorporation of a business here. 

Doing business in Ireland vs. Denmark

According to the data provided by the World Bank, Ireland is the 10th global economy for the ease of starting a business. Although Denmark provides an attractive business environment, in the World Bank study, the country is situated on a much lower rank – the 24th.

Regulations for foreign investors in Ireland vs. Denmark – explained by our Ireland company formation agents

With an attractive legislative framework, Ireland and Denmark are situated on similar positions in terms of protecting the minority investors. Entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in Ireland have better conditions here, as the country ranks as the 13th economy, while Denmark is situated on a similar position, being the 19th global economy for the regulations protecting the minority investors

The index referring to the protection of minority investors takes into consideration aspects such as: 

director’s liability;

• shareholder’s litigation aspects;

shareholder’s rights;

• ownership;

• corporate transparency. 

Our team of Ireland company formation consultants can offer more details on the legislation referring to the Irish shareholders and directors. 

Paying taxes in Ireland vs. Denmark

Another index that shows the level of competitiveness in Ireland and Denmark refers to paying the corporate taxes. Both countries have very similar conditions, being included on the top positions in the World Bank study. Ireland is ranking as the 5th economy, while Denmark in on the 7th rank, a position which was also granted in 2016. 

Foreign businessmen who want to open an Irish company may pay their corporate taxes in a simple procedure, that can be completed on the on-line platforms of the relevant institutions. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of Ireland company formation agents for more details on the registration of business