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10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Irish Business Culture

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Irish Business Culture

Ireland has become very attractive for foreign investors since few years back when many multinational companies have started moving their operational centers here. Due to the skilled and cheap Irish workforce but also to the low taxes levied, the country ranks has become one of the best countries to do business in the European Union. However, before opening a company here it is best to find out a few interesting facts about the Irish business culture.

1.Business meeting planning

When planning a business meeting is it best to avoid the months of July and August which are holiday months for most Irish companies.

2.Greetings in business meetings in Ireland

Irish citizens as well as businessmen are less formal, very outgoing and friendly compared to businessmen in other European or Western countries, which is why you will find it very easy to communicate with them.

3.Business meetings in Ireland

Company organizational cultures differ in Ireland, therefore you will find meetings to vary from business to business, however they all have one thing in common: Irish businessmen like discussions. The best way to be successful in an Irish business meeting is to participate as much as possible.

4.Punctuality in Ireland

The Irish business culture values punctuality, so when coming to the country for a business meeting you must make sure you arrive on time.

5.Business dress code in Ireland

Whether you want to move and open a company in Ireland or simply attending a business meeting, you should know the standard business code requires you to wear smart and conservative clothes.

6.Language in Ireland

Irish Gaelic is the official language in Ireland, but the employed language in official meetings is English.

7.Addressing an Irish business partner

Irish businessmen address one another by first names. However, as a foreign investor attending a business meeting in Ireland it is best to follow your interlocutors when addressing the others.

8.Communication style in business meetings in Ireland

The Irish appreciate modesty and politeness, so when presenting a business project keeping a calm and simple attitude is the best way to convince your potential partners.

9.Corporate social responsibility

Even if it is less common, the Irish pay great attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Most Irish companies are involved in corporate social responsibility programs which is why it best to know beforehand a little about the company’s CSR programs. You can find out more about the basics of corporate social responsibility from our experts in company registration in Ireland.

10.Meeting protocol in Ireland

When going into a business meeting with an Irish counterpart you should start by shaking hands with everyone at the table. At the same time you can exchange business cards with your partners and engage in a small informal conversation before the meeting.

Doing business in Ireland can be very easy when you know what to expect. For more information about the business culture we invite you to contact our Irish consultants in company formation.